Combo Stores

Jimmy’s Brands have many stores whereby the Fish & chips and the Killer Grill concepts are combined into one space. We refer to this as a combo outlet.


In the same space both brands are set up with following advantages:

  1. The rental is shared between two businesses instead of just one.

  2. The staff compliment is reduced as staff members are shared between the two brands.

  3. The wash up area is common

  4. The chip preparation is done at one common point

  5. Reduced set up costs

  6. Only one manager required

  7. Quick return on investment

  8. Increase in food variety between the two brands

  9. Increase in the target market

  10. Increased Net Profit


Many of the existing outlets have converted the single store outlets to combo stores and are reaping the rewards of the extra profitability.

The setup costs for a combo store is approximately R1.2m. An assessment of the premises will have to be carried out to determine an accurate costing

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